Staff & Board of Directors

Elaine Lipton, Executive Director

Originally from New York’s Hudson Valley, Elaine earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theatrical Production from Brandeis University. Following her undergraduate coursework, she received a prestigious Watson Fellowship to study traditional theater arts in Japan. She has also done graduate work in Museum Studies with a focus in costume and textile conservation. In her multifaceted career she has worked as a costume designer, follow-spot operator, textiles artist, curator, teacher, arts administrator, and grant-writer. She has lived in New York City, Japan, Europe and – since 1998 – Cape Cod. Besides the Festival, her husband Terry and her children Elliot and Jemma make sure that her life is always filled with music. She has been CCCMF Executive Director since 2006.

Artistic Directors

Jon Manasse
Jon Nakamatsu

Board of Directors

David B. Farer – President
Florence Reif Richman – Immediate Past President
Susan Hamilton – Vice President
Lee L. Kane – Vice President
Dorothy Cone Blumberg – Secretary
Inez D’Arcangelo- Treasurer

Nancy p. Barry
Sally Burns
Felice S. Coral
Anne Edgar
Christine Todd
Judy Underberg

Associate Board of Directors

Peter K. Eisenger
Molly Hidden
Frederic Levison
Leslie W. Nelson
Pamela N. Patrick
Sophie Sanders
Louis Weisz

Artistic Advisors

Margo Garrett
Nicholas Kitchen
Brian Zeger
Bernard Greenhouse (d. 2011)

Directors Emeriti

Clyde R. Claus (d. 2016)
George Dillon (d. 2013)
Jean Entwistle
Susan Goldsmith
Lawrence Handley (d. 2020)
Philip Isenberg (d. 2016)
J. Francesca Rullman (d. 2012)
Robert V.L. Wright (d. 2015)